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Demystifying Software Tech for Recruiters #1

The shortage of experienced software engineers in Southern California is remarkable. Our recruiting practice has become more focused on that area in the last 12 month or so. This situation has caused in-house corporate recruiters to work harder and know more about software, the market, and how to talk to engineers to give their company any kind of decent shot of landing the difference makers.

My goal here over a series of posts is to start at the beginning explaining… Continue reading

Catching up on SoCal IPOs

On Thursday September 25, 2008 our then fledgling executive search firm hit the wall that turned into the Great Recession. In week prior we had a client rescind two offers to our candidates and another put off another offer “indefinitely”. “Indefinitely” grew into forever because that company didn’t survive the downturn. I couldn’t tell you exactly what the news items were in the larger world (not good!) but that day it was clear that Southern California growth was done for… Continue reading

Business Email

I’ve found combining Google Apps syncing with Microsoft Outlook is a pretty formidable combo. I defy anyone to show me a more powerful email solution for the SMB world! I’m even skeptical there’s an enterprise solution that’s better…

The Los Angeles Digital Agencies – Beyond the Majors

A while back, I published an (of course) incomplete rundown of the Southern California presence of the major advertising agencies. As expected, we got some feedback from the independents looking for a little bit of love. Here, only two years later, we offer it! This is by no means comprehensive—these are the agencies that have popped up on our radar here most often and most positively for whatever reasons. We’ll continue with others in the near future (promise!)

Blitz… Continue reading

Great Line

Here’s a very cool site with an interactive map of the nearby stars. http://workshop.chromeexperiments.com/stars/
You may need Chrome to view it. But the very best part is this line that appears in the help:

Warning: Scientific accuracy is not guaranteed. Please do not use this visualization for interstellar navigation.

Windows 8 Rocks

The new OS rocks. For the first time in about 15 years, Microsoft has invented something really good that wasn’t just a copycat. (I include Xbox as a copycat).

They’ve done first what was inevitable…a way to marry touchscreen computing with PC computing into something intuitive and elegant. They also have switched the focus from “software programs” to “subject matter”. The Messaging tile can bring together all the different providers. Same with People, Music, etc.

I think Microsoft is going… Continue reading

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