A SoCal Recruiter Reference

I keep track of local headhunting firms as I come across them. My interest is in sales and marketing at tech and digital media companies…so those are the firms whose work I follow—and sometimes admire. The lists I find using Google are never too helpful for this purpose…so this is as good a place to gather this info as anywhere. This certainly isn’t exhaustive; additions welcome!

Neohire (blog): Tech & web developer specialty, but they cover a wide range of roles.

Safire Partners: Focus on senior roles mostly at VC startups.

Fetch Recruiting (blog): Technical recruiters. Different recruiting practice than mine, but many of the same clients.

Jonassen & Associates: Very similar practice; sales & business development roles at growth companies in the region.

CyberCoders (blog): One of the few large scale operations I really respect.

Dynamic Synergy: Senior positions, mostly market-facing for technology clients.

ProfilerUSA: Sales and marketing for digital media companies in SoCal.

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  1. joshstomel
    joshstomel says:

    Keep up the good writings sir.. Recently, we have placed 3 CTO’s / Head of Product for Ebay and much much more in the last 30 days.. Your a good man.. 


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