About Pivotal Points…or…Anything To See Here?

Are there any truly new, original ideas out there? Debatable. We stand on the shoulders of giants, as they (I won’t quote ‘they’ too often. ‘They’ is boring.) say and just about everything  interesting has probably been seen before somewhere. But…

We all do have unique combinations of interests, viewpoints, and strengths. I may not have any truly original concepts to share, but when my thoughts about Southern California business, economics, sales, marketing, and the endless mystery of personality all come together…there just might be an original, thought-provoking nugget or two. I hope so. I don’t know how much content will be devoted to any one of the topics mentioned. Or how the topics themselves will change over time. But I plan for this space to be used to talk about all the interesting stuff I find that relates to “building ridiculously high-performing sales, marketing, and product teams” for Southern California tech, digital media, and cleantech business.

There are at least 20 interesting inter-related categories I could spout off the top of my head. Over time, I hope to explore at least some of them to create some interesting conversations and the occasional fight. No fear!

And like most blogs…the comments are as big a part of the game as the posts. Please weigh in, especially when you disagree.