The Semiconductor Industry in Southern California

Updated May 2017 – Original post from 2011 is edited with updated information in red. I find it interesting to see the original and track changes. It gives you a real sense of the motion in the industry.

This post will shine a spotlight on the semiconductor industry throughout SoCal. Other writers subdivide Southern California in various ways. Going from north to south, I divide the region into: 1) Santa Barbara 2) Thousand Oaks & San Fernando Valley 3) Glendale/Burbank 4) LA Westside 5) South Bay [that’s the Santa Monica Bay for all you NorCal snobs] 6) Orange County, and finally 7) San Diego. I’ve Top Executive-Search-Los Angeles  - The Semiconductor Industry in Southern CaliforniaExecutive Search home-featured SoCal Industries found this is the best way to look at the region for recruiting…nobody wants to brave more miles of freeway than absolutely necessary. Our local contributions to the worldwide semiconductor industry are primarily located in the Valley, South Bay, Orange County, and San Diego. This post is just a geo-focused listing as I attempt to just gather up the main players in one place. Not much interesting business detail here. There are plenty. Rest assured, more interesting detail will follow in months and years to come. As usual, my efforts are on non-aerospace technology businesses headquartered here in sunny SoCal. We could eventually find hundreds, if not thousands of SoCal-located satellite and sales offices for companies headquartered around the globe. A quick scan of the lists below demonstrates the first obvious point…locate in Thousand Oaks or Irvine if you want the most choice for jobs (or talent if you’re running the business) in semi.

Please help us out with info in the comments section if I’ve missed your company.

The Valley

South Bay

Orange County

San Diego

After running through all those, I see that almost all of them have fresh new websites in the past several months. There are some who until recently had ’96 vintage. Also, I clearly see that Orange County is easily the most entrepreneurial SoCal sub region for semi. All the companies in the other areas are decidedly old school. San Diego can make some claim to not being semiconductor dinosaurs.

When I originally posted this info years ago, I thought it was close to an exhaustive list. Now I know better. There are many smaller companies I’ve left off for now. With your help, we can fill them in…

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