The Los Angeles Digital Agencies – Beyond the Majors

A while back, I published an (of course) incomplete rundown of the Southern California presence of the major advertising agencies. As expected, we got some feedback from the independents looking for a little bit of love. Here, only two years later, we offer it! This is by no means comprehensive—these are the agencies that have popped up on our radar here most often and most positively for whatever reasons. We’ll continue with others in the near future (promise!)

Blitz Interactive (jobs link, blog, Facebook): Ivan Todorov’s world class indie, launched in 2002. These guys are regular award winners, at the biggest scale. This digital-native agency has produced work across every digital platform imagined. Their client list would be just about impossible to be surpassed by a small agency: Microsoft. GE. Lexus. Visit their site to see the many others.

Fanscape (jobs link, blog, Facebook): This is the first major “word of mouth” digital agency I am aware of. Launched in 2000, Fanscape works with major brands to create and facilitate viral campaigns. Most campaigns never reach “viral” level, of course—but Fanscape helps brands get the very best of their social media campaigns and promotions across all digital media.

Briabe (jobs link): Briabe Mobile operates the America-Next™ network—a mobile display ad network, focused on multicultural communities. Their client list includes heavyweights like Microsoft and Ford Motors.

The Search Agency (jobs, blog, Facebook): If you’re in SoCal and you start looking around for a performance-based (i.e. AdWords) agency, The Search Agency will pop up everywhere you turn. This is the kind of company to help do the same with yours!

David&Goliath (jobs, Facebook): If this El Segundo creative agency produces no more good work from this point forward, their unbelievably entertaining Kia commercials have already landed them in my personal Hall of Fame.

Ignited (jobs, blog, Facebook): El Segundo has a nice collection of tech and media companies to go along with a number of agency offices. To go along with their contract across a number of NBC properties, they do a lot of great work with edgier, trendier clients including videogames.

Phenomenon (jobs): Cool agency. Nuff said.

The Designory (jobs, Facebook): The only creative agency I know of in downtown Long Beach…and a good one.

As a major media center, Los Angeles has more than our share of major creative and media agencies. This introduction to the indies is meant to be just that… an intro. We’ve learned that digital advertising agencies sit near the center of the hub of the new economy. All consumer businesses must advertise their products and services somehow. The agencies make that happen efficiently across the entire spectrum of industries. We’ll continue to shine a light on this industry which leads us to their clients and the jobs, media, and technology they create.